Becoming a Certified Instructor

Certification serves as a form of accountability to clients and significant others.

The ICAN, formerly known as “The CO-OP Academy”, has an approved process of certification for instructors.

Certified CO-OP Instructors are individuals who have undergone specialized training, and are deemed by ICAN as qualified to instruct on the CO-OP Approach. There are two ways to become a certified CO-OP instructor:The most common way is by invitation. The invitation to become a certified CO-OP instructor can be issued by a CO-OP Faculty. CO-OP Faculty are long-standing CO-OP scientists and instructors who have been deemed by the ICAN to have the expertise to certify instructors. The CO-OP Faculty works one-on-one with the potential instructor. First, the candidate is trained in the CO-OP process, and then co-instructs one or more workshops with the Faculty member. Traditionally, the individuals invited to become instructors are doing research on the CO-OP Approach as graduate students, or as fellow researchers. To be invited, the individual must also have demonstrated expertise in teaching.

From time to time, an Instructors course is offered. Such a course usually happens when there is a strong wish to create several certified CO-OP instructors in a specific region. These courses are tailored to meet the needs of the region, and are general given in conjunction with and at the request of a local agency. Individuals can be nominated for participation by the agency or by CO-OP instructors. Participation in an instructors’ course is contingent upon demonstrated competency in the CO-OP Approach, and expertise in teaching.