CO-OP: An Evidence-Based Approach

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is the term used in healthcare to indicate that practitioners are using the best available evidence to ensure that the interventions they provide have undergone a rigorous scientific review process. Health care practitioners are expected to use interventions that have high level evidence supporting their use. 

CO-OP is an evidence-based approach in three ways:

  1. It’s theoretical foundations are based on evidence,
  2. The Approach itself has been carefully researched, with a number of populations making it one of the most researched approaches in rehabilitation (see  the breadth of peer-reviewed publications on the approach)
  3. Individual therapists who use CO-OP with individual clients do assessments and collect evidence throughout the intervention to ensure that the client is learning cognitive strategies and acquiring their chosen skills.

CO-OP has a solid theoretical foundation and research repeatedly demonstrates its success.